pkgx & Terminals

Getting Started

Installing with brew is most straight forward:

brew install pkgxdev/made/pkgx

Other Ways to Install

  1. After brew our installer is easiest:

curl -fsS | sh

Wanna read that script before you run it?

  1. pkgx is a standalone binary, so (if you want) you can just download it directly:

# download it to `./pkgx`
curl -o ./pkgx --compressed -f --proto '=https'$(uname)/$(uname -m)

# install it to `/usr/local/bin/pkgx`
sudo install -m 755 pkgx /usr/local/bin

# check it works
pkgx --help

For your convenience we provide a .tgz so you can one-liner that:

curl -Ssf$(uname)/$(uname -m).tgz | sudo tar xz -C /usr/local/bin

  1. You can also download straight from GitHub Releases.

If you download manually you’ll need to move the binary somewhere in your PATH.

  1. If you're on Arch Linux (or any of it's derivatives) you can also use the pkgx AUR (latest released version) or pkgx-git AUR (latest development version, might not be stable).

The AURs are community-maintained and might be out-of-date. Use them with caution.

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