Visit dist.pkgx.dev for an HTTP index.

  • sources (mirror)

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/versions.txt

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/v<VERSION>.tar.gz

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/v<VERSION>.sha256sum

  • bottles

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/<PLATFORM>/<ARCH>/versions.txt

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/<PLATFORM>/<ARCH>/v<VERSION>.tar.gz

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/<PLATFORM>/<ARCH>/v<VERSION>.tar.xz

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/<PLATFORM>/<ARCH>/v<VERSION>.asc

    • dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/<PLATFORM>/<ARCH>/v<VERSION>.sha256sum

versions.txt files are newline separated, sorted lists of available versions for each type of distributable.

dist.pkgx.dev/<PKG>/versions.txt and the bottle versions.txt may not be the same. Always check the more specific versions.txt.

The Pantry

The pantry is our API for pkg metadata.


We build the cli and the gui on top of libpkgx. You may find it useful to add pkging powers to your apps.

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