Contributing pkgs

Missing Packages

Firstly it is possible your pantry needs an update:

pkgx --sync

Thus if you were trying to run foo but it failed do pkgx --sync foo to see if that helps.

Typically this is not needed—we automatically sync the pantry in most circumstances that need it. This flag is provided just in case.


There’s millions of open source projects and pkgx needs your help to package them up!

Visit for the full documentation.

Curious about a specific pkg? pkgx +brewkit -- pkg edit deno will open deno’s package.yml in your editor.

Packagers Who Care

You trust us to just work and make your workflows happen. We take this job seriously and we go the extra mile on a per-package basis, for example:

  • Our git ignores .DS_Store files by default

  • our RubyGems defaults to user-installs and ensures gems are in PATH

  • Our python comes unversioned so the huge numbers of scripts that invoke /usr/bin/env python actually work

  • Our pyenv automatically installs the python versions it needs

Additionally, we insist our pkgs are relocatable, which is why we can install in your home directory (but this also means you could pick up the whole ~/.pkgx directory and bundle it with your app.) We also begin packaging new releases almost immediately as soon as they go live using various automations.

We care about your developer experience, not ours.

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