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pkgx & CI/CD

GitHub Actions

- uses: pkgxdev/setup@v1
- run: pkgx [email protected] build
Installs pkgx so you can then run go build with go version ^1.20.
- uses: pkgxdev/setup@v1
+: node@16
- run: node --version
node v16 will be available in your job.


- uses: actions/checkout@v3
- uses: pkgxdev/dev@v1
The developer environment for your project will be available during the job.

Other CI/CD Providers

curl | sh
pkgx will be installed. Use as per general terminal guidelines, eg:
pkgx +node@16 npm start
At this time dev requires shell integration.
You can try eg.
eval "$(curl" && dev && npm start
But in our experience CI/CD environments resist our shell integration.
pkgx can make it easy to use the GNU or BSD versions of core utilities across platforms.
pkgx ls
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