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Shellcode Mechanics and User Manual

pkgx Shellcode

The pkgx shellcode is not integrated by default, first study the shellcode by dumping to your terminal:
pkgx --shellcode
As you can see the shellcode is a handful of shell functions to achieve the following:
  • a handler for env +pkg
    • our handler uses pkgx primitives to install and inject the requested pkgs into the shell session
  • a command not found handler
    • to suggest x invocations for commands we support
  • Some _ support prefixed functions for the above
  • We add ~/.local/bin to your PATH
    • we configure packages that install things themselves to install things there
  • a change directory hook so dev environments can be activated and deactivated automatically when you change directories

Integrating the Shellcode

First dry run the integration:
pkgx integrate --dry-run
Then integrate:
eval "$(pkgx integrate)"

Deintegrating the Shellcode

If at any point you want to deintegrate the pkgx shellcode type:
pkgx deintegrate

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